What We Offer

At CrossFit Infragilis, we offer a variety of programs to help you acheive your fitness goals. Please call 601-447-7711 for prices.

CrossFit Essentials

Infragilis offers two levels of Essentials training to help prepare you for the main program. CrossFit Essentials I is intended for individuals who have never worked out, have not worked out in years, or have movement/mobility issues. This course meets twice per week and focuses on teaching basic functional movement while building capacity in cardio-respiratory endurance. CrossFit Essentials II aims to continue building functional capacity while teaching proficiency with the nine fundamental movements of CrossFit. This course meets three times per week. All Essentials courses are limited to 4-5 clients in order to deliver maximum coaching and feedback during each session.

Personal Training

Some athletes prefer a one-on-one option rather than a class setting. Others may require intense, individual attention to help facilitate movement into the main Infraglis programming. Personal training at Infragilis is personally tailored to your goals and needs. Our coaches work with you to build a program that will move you toward your goals. Half-hour and hour long options are available.

Athletic Strength and Conditioning

Do you have a young athlete in your house looking to improve in his or her sport? Regardless of the sport, our USAW certified strength and conditioning coaches offer programs to build a better, faster, stronger athlete. Team training is also available.

Assessment and Program Design

Looking to work on your own, but need a program to follow? Our coaches use the Functional Movement Screen to assess your current functioning, and then meet with you one time to provide a month-long program and teach the movements involved.

CrossFit Infragilis Main Program

The main program is the highest level of group training offered at Infragilis. Our classes meet between 6-7 times a day and include a highly structured, carefully planned program built upon the core principles of CrossFit.

Call Infragilis today (601-447-7711) to start reaching your best potential now!

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