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CrossFit Infragilis

For more information, call Jim Moore at 601-447-7711

  1. Kaleb says:

    What are your prices?

  2. Noemi Rivera says:

    HI, I will like to receive more information about the prices or offers you guys have. I will be moving to Hattiesburg soon and I’m looking for a place to do this kind of workouts. I can not get use to normal gym since I have been practicing olympic weightlifting for the las 13 years.

  3. Paula says:

    I am active duty military, and will be at Camp Shelby for a class 9-18 April. Is there a special fee I can pay during that period of time? Your Crossfit WODs are awesome, and definitely something I want to do during those 10 days!!!

  4. Megan Williamson says:

    I am interested in learning more about crossfit! I am a member of Anatomies and just want something different to give me strength and improve my running endurance and speed. Can you email me some information. I want to try it Tuesdays and Thursdays?

  5. Ashley Ainsworth says:

    Hi! I’m a member of anatomies but just heard about the crossfit class. I was wondering if it is apart of anatomies or how you go about joining it and how much. I’ve recently gotten really interested in crossfit to change up my workout and was excited to hear about this class!

  6. Megan Williamson says:

    Jim I completely forget that I will be at a workshop all day Tuesday but I will skip Spin on Wednesday and come check it out. So excited!

  7. Debbie Thompson says:

    I’m moving to Hatties in August and am interested in prices and workout times for CrossFit.

  8. Derrick Brown says:

    I would like to know the prices of membership and what opportunities there are private training (for my wife and me). We work at the hospital and don’t get off until 5:15 everyday.

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