The Ragin’ Cajun’ – Katie G!

Posted: August 29, 2012 by Admin in Testimonials

Katie just before CrossFit

Katie now…doing work

Two and a half years ago, my husband was offered a position in Mississippi.  It was difficult for me to leave my job, friends, family, and my lifelong home, even though I knew this was best for our family.  I quickly developed bad habits, staying up late, sleeping in, eating at restaurants almost daily or at times not eating at all, and giving up completely on exercise, all in an effort to fill a void left from the sudden life changes.  These habits caught up quickly and I found myself gaining weight and becoming lazier than I can ever recall.  My clothes no longer fit me and I lost all desire to interact with other people.  This began to affect my family life, as I had low self-esteem and no energy to interact either with my husband or my stepdaughter, who is very active.

Out of desperation, I resorted to old habits in attempts to regain control over my life and weight.  I began taking “diet pills” to curb my appetite and when that failed, I started weightwatchers again, which in the past had been successful.  Unfortunately, the lack of exercise did not allow for me to progress very far.  I was in Hattiesburg often and decided to explore the possibility of joining Anatomies, even though this amounted to a forty mile one way drive.  Because of previous success with exercising under a personal trainer, I decided this would be my best option.  I was introduced to Jim Moore, head trainer of Empower (before it became CrossFit Infragilis) and to the nutritionist, Valerie Folkes.  During my first few sessions with Jim, I was exposed to weight lifting, cardio, and gymnastics at high intensity.  I honestly felt like I was going to die.  My diet had changed drastically and I was completely out of my comfort zone.  Even though this was mentally and physically challenging beyond anything I had previously encountered, I knew I needed this change.  I kept to a strict diet and exercise regimen under both Valerie and Jim’s guidance.  The effects were noticeable almost immediately.  When I repeated my first BodPod, there was a drastic decrease in fat percentage and an increase in muscle mass.  This was noticed by my family, friends and peers.  This gave me the confidence to continue and made me a believer in the “CrossFit Mentality”.  Both my endurance and strength improved and I began to believe the mantra that we all have an inner athlete.   My self-esteem improved and I became more active in my personal life.  Though the scale would say that, today, I’ve only lost about six pounds, my body and my mind are completely transformed. The relationships forged with my fellow CrossFit classmates drove me to become more active in the CrossFit arena.  This, along with encouragement from Jim, gave me a new goal: to become a CrossFit level one trainer.  It has now been four months since I completed my certification. This September, I will compete in my first CrossFit competition at the Pensacola Beach Bash, a part of the Garage Games series. Jim often tells me, “Katie, you’re an athlete, deal with it,” and now I’m beginning to believe him.

Jens, Olivia, and Katie

Katie getting certified

Prior to moving to Mississippi, I never envisioned myself as being an athlete or a trainer, nor did I think it was something I would ever want to attain.  I have exceeded all the goals I set last year and now am more fit than I ever have been in my life.  I hope to use my experiences from the past year to help motivate others to not only reach but exceed their fitness goals.

  1. Johnan says:

    I know I have told u before, but u r so my inspiration. You look awesome!

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