Clean Sweep

Posted: May 30, 2012 by Admin in Uncategorized

8 sets

Power Clean-Hang Clean-Clean

Rest as needed and increase weight as able between each set. Focus more on form, especially the transition between the second and third pulls. Perform 10 core exercises of your choice (e.g., AbMat sit-ups, Knees-2-Elbows, Toes-2-Bar) between each set.

 Today, we really want to focus on full extension of the hip at the completion of the second pull. If look at this picture of CrossFit legend Annie Sakamoto, you will notice that she is fully extended, her shoulders are shrugged, but her elbow remains straight. From here, she is ready to transfer this tremendous momentum she has built into the third pull, where she will pull herself under the bar. From here, the bar will not travel upward much more. The main motion will be her body violently dropping under the bar. As we say, “go down and get it.”

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